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Hotel NameCityLocationInfoRoom Rate FromSelect Room Type
CHATRIUM Hotel Royal Lake Yangon 5 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 132.00BOOK

Melia Yangon 5 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 138.00BOOK

Hotel Parami 4 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 80.00BOOK

Super Hotel Yangon 4 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 80.00BOOK

Rose Garden Hotel 4 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 165.00BOOK

Best Western Green Hill Hotel 4 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 100.00BOOK

Hotel 63 3 stars   YangonEast Central YangonINFOUSD 60.00BOOK

Panorama Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Inya Lake Hotel 4 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 149.00BOOK

The RGN City Lodge 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 80.00BOOK

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel 5 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 190.00BOOK

Jasmine Palace Hotel 4 stars   YangonShwedagon PagodaINFOUSD 111.00BOOK

Hotel Yangon 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 70.00BOOK

Sedona Hotel Yangon 5 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 132.00BOOK

MiCasa Hotel Apartments Managed by AccorHotels 4 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 127.00BOOK

Hotel Yankin 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Palm Spring Resort 4 stars   YangonYangon AirportINFO - BOOK

PARKROYAL Yangon Hotel 5 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 126.00BOOK

Hotel 7 Mile 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

AKT Hotel – Formerly: Friend Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 35.00BOOK

Sule Shangri-La Hotel Yangon (Formerly: Traders Hotel, Yangon) 5 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 161.00BOOK

Hotel Kan Yeik Thar 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 109.00BOOK

M.G.M Hotel 2 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Summit Parkview Hotel 4 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 104.00BOOK

Alfa Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 85.00BOOK

Hotel Bahosi 2 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Excel Palace Hotel 1 Star   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 37.00BOOK

Galaxy Hotel 2 stars   YangonYangon AirportINFOUSD 60.00BOOK

Hotel Esta 3 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 56.00BOOK

Bike World Myanmar Bed, Breakfast & Bike Inn 1 Star   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 48.00BOOK

Orchid Hotel 3 stars   YangonEast Central YangonINFO - BOOK

Excel River View Hotel 1 Star   YangonSouth Of Yangon River AreaINFOUSD 39.00BOOK

Grand Palace Hotel 3 stars   YangonYangon AirportINFOUSD 44.00BOOK

Cherry Hills Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 95.00BOOK

MK Hotel 3 stars   YangonEast Central YangonINFOUSD 61.00BOOK

Royal White Elephant Hotel 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 42.00BOOK

Royal Golden View Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorth DagonINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Motel Yaewaddy N/A   YangonYangon AirportINFOUSD 36.00BOOK

Hotel Pho Sein 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 55.00BOOK

Excel Treasure Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 43.00BOOK

Myint Myat Guest House 2 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Hotel ACE Yangon 3 stars   YangonTharkayta TownshipINFO - BOOK

Inle Valley Bed & Breakfast 2 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 65.00BOOK

Elegant Hotel Pyi Thar Yar 3 stars   YangonOtherINFOUSD 65.00BOOK

Asahi Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 31.00BOOK

Aung Tha Pyay Hotel 2 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 65.00BOOK

Beautyland Hotel II 1 Star   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 35.00BOOK

Daddy's Home Hotel 1 Star   YangonDowntown YangonINFO - BOOK

Daw Htay Hotel 2 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFO - BOOK

Eden Palace Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Green Leaf Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 37.00BOOK

Holiday Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Hotel Shwe Eain Taw 1 Star   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 28.00BOOK

Hotel Wardan 3 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 40.00BOOK

Kaung Lay Inn 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 45.00BOOK

The Hub Hotel Yangon 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 120.00BOOK

May Shan Hotel 1 Star   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 55.00BOOK

Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel Yangon 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 80.00BOOK

New Yangon Hotel 3 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFO - BOOK

Nice Day Hotel 1 Star   YangonYangon AirportINFOUSD 25.00BOOK

Olympic Hotel 3 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 60.00BOOK

Reno Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 118.00BOOK

Triple H Hotel 1 Star   YangonEast Central YangonINFOUSD 27.00BOOK

Yangon Regency Hotel 1 Star   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 35.00BOOK

York Residence Bed and Breakfast 1 Star   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 42.00BOOK

Hotel Captain 2 stars   YangonEast Central YangonINFOUSD 61.00BOOK

KH Hotel Kokkine 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 55.00BOOK

Queen Shin Saw Pu Hotel 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 55.00BOOK

Royal Golden 9 Mile Hotel 3 stars   YangonYangon AirportINFOUSD 65.00BOOK

Shannkalay Hostel 2 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 15.00BOOK

Sky Man Hotel 3 stars   YangonYangon AirportINFOUSD 48.00BOOK

ibis Styles Yangon Stadium (Opening June 2016) 3 stars   YangonINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Novotel Yangon Max (Opening February 2015) 4 stars   YangonInya LakeINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Sule Shangri-La Hotel Yangon 5 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFO - Check Rates & Availability

East Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 126.00BOOK

Best Western Chinatown Hotel 4 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 85.00BOOK

Clover City Center Plus Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 57.00BOOK

City Star Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 100.00BOOK

Esperado Lake View Hotel 4 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Taw Win Garden Hotel 4 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFO - BOOK

Savoy Hotel 5 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 336.00BOOK

Hotel 51 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFO - BOOK

Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel 5 stars   YangonEast Central YangonINFOUSD 90.00BOOK

Clover Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 51.00BOOK

Good Time Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFO - BOOK

Clover City Center Hotel 3 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 48.00BOOK

Panda Hotel 3 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFO - BOOK

Regal Central Hotel 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Agga Guest House 1 Star   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 8.00BOOK

Agga Youth Hotel 2 stars   YangonWest Central YangonINFOUSD 8.00BOOK

TRYP BY WYNDHAM Yangon 4 stars   YangonKaba Aye Pagoda RoadINFOUSD 175.00BOOK

Goal Hotel 2 stars   YangonInya LakeINFO - BOOK

Golden Butterfly Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Golden Guest Inn 2 stars   YangonInya LakeINFO - BOOK

Great Feel Hotel 1 Star   YangonInya LakeINFO - BOOK

Inn Hundred Moon 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Jewel Hotel 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Kaung Su San Hotel 1 Star   YangonWest Central YangonINFO - BOOK

Millennium Hotel 3 stars   YangonEast Central YangonINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Mya Myint Mo Hotel 2 stars   YangonSouth Of Yangon River AreaINFO - BOOK

Regal Hotel 8 Miles 1 Star   YangonInya LakeINFO - BOOK

Agga Bed & Breakfast 1 Star   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 8.00BOOK

Family Treasure Inn 2 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFO - BOOK

Great Treasure Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Green Paradise Hotel N/A   YangonYangon AirportINFO - BOOK

Hotel M 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFOUSD 170.00BOOK

International City Hotel 2 stars   YangonYangon AirportINFO - BOOK

Lotus Boutique House 2 stars   YangonDaw Bon TownshipINFOUSD 55.00BOOK

May Flower Inn 2 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Min Nandar Garden Hotel 3 stars   YangonThanlyinINFO - BOOK

The Strand Hotel, Yangon 5 stars   YangonDowntown YangonINFOUSD 334.00BOOK

Crystal Palace Hotel 3 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK

Shennoon's House Bed and Breakfast 3 stars   YangonInya LakeINFOUSD 32.00BOOK

Pleasant View Hotel 2 stars   YangonNorthern YangonINFO - BOOK