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Hotel NameCityLocationInfoRoom Rate FromSelect Room Type
DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang 5 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 475.00BOOK

M Qube Hotel 2 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 58.00BOOK

One Pacific Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 208.00BOOK

Summer Tree Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 132.00BOOK

Sweet Cili Hotel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 160.00BOOK

Neo+ Penang 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 174.00BOOK

Bayview Beach Resort, Penang 4 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 473.00BOOK

G Hotel Kelawai 5 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 522.00BOOK

Eastern & Oriental Hotel 5 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 808.00BOOK

Sunway Hotel Georgetown 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 244.00BOOK

PARKROYAL Penang Resort 5 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 556.00BOOK

The Wembley - A St Giles Hotel, Penang 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 334.00BOOK

Hard Rock Hotel Penang 4 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 616.00BOOK

Glow Penang Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 180.00BOOK

Fig Tree Hill Resort Penang 4 stars   PenangSungai AraINFOMYR 600.00BOOK

Iconic Hotel Prai Penang 4 stars   PenangPraiINFOMYR 340.00BOOK

Lexis Suites Penang 5 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 554.00BOOK

G Hotel Gurney 5 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 570.00BOOK

Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang 4 stars   PenangTanjung BungahINFOMYR 216.00BOOK

Hotel Royal Penang 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 450.00BOOK

Flamingo Hotel by the Beach 4 stars   PenangTanjung BungahINFOMYR 318.00BOOK

1926 Heritage Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 136.00BOOK

Berjaya Penang Hotel (Previously known as Georgetown City Hotel) 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 158.00BOOK

Eastin Hotel Penang 4 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 450.00BOOK

Hotel Equatorial Penang 4 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 373.00BOOK

Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul 4 stars   PenangBukit JambulINFOMYR 308.00BOOK

The Gurney Resort Hotel & Residences 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 220.00BOOK

Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La, Penang 4 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 431.00BOOK

Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang 5 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 804.00BOOK

Four Points by Sheraton Penang 4 stars   PenangTanjung BungahINFOMYR 378.00BOOK

Hotel Sentral Seaview 3 stars   PenangTanjung BungahINFOMYR 191.00BOOK

Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya 4 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 207.00BOOK

The Light Hotel Penang 5 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 350.00BOOK

Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort 4 stars   PenangTanjung BungahINFOMYR 240.00BOOK

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang 5 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 350.00BOOK

Hotel Penaga 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 500.00BOOK

Aroma Hotel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 148.00BOOK

EQ Ferringhi Hotel 3 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 118.00BOOK

Tropics Eight Suites 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 204.00BOOK

Hotel Regal Malaysia 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Ixora Hotel 4 stars   PenangPraiINFOMYR 232.00BOOK

Pearl View Hotel 3 stars   PenangPraiINFOMYR 186.00BOOK

TH Hotel Penang 3 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 222.00BOOK

Tune Hotel Georgetown Penang 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 105.00BOOK

Cheong Fatt Tze - The Blue Mansion 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 488.00BOOK

Spices Hotel Georgetown 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 214.00BOOK

The Edison George Town N/A   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 550.00BOOK

Vouk Hotel Suites 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 264.00BOOK

Vouk Suites At Mansion One 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 240.00BOOK

Ar-Raudhah Suites & Hotel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 209.00BOOK

Chulia Heritage Hotel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Jawi Peranakan Mansion Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 450.00BOOK

Muntri Grove Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 450.00BOOK

Muntri Mews Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 450.00BOOK

Seven Terraces Hotel 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 750.00BOOK

Lexis Suites Penang * 5 stars   Best Deal!PenangAirport vicinityINFOMYR 540.00BOOK

The Northam All Suite, Penang 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Hotel Malaysia 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 158.00BOOK

Georgetown Hotel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 120.00BOOK

Hotel Sentral Georgetown 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 174.00BOOK

Ink Hotel N/A   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Munlu Stay 88 Hotel Budget   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Summit Hotel Bukit Mertajam 3 stars   PenangPraiINFO - BOOK

Sri Sayang Apartments Managed by SeaView Agency Sdn Bhd 4 stars   PenangFerringhiINFOMYR 306.00BOOK

Areca Hotel Penang 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Flamingo Hotel by the Beach * 4 stars   Best Deal!PenangTanjung BungahINFO - BOOK

Cititel Penang 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 264.00BOOK

Cititel Express Penang 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 193.00BOOK

Royale Chulan Penang (formerly known as The Royale Bintang Penang) 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 336.00BOOK

Heliconia Hotel Boutique   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 148.00BOOK

Wassup Youth Hostel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 83.00BOOK

TIDO Penang Hostel 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Hotel Jen Penang 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 420.00BOOK

Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 455.00BOOK

Century Bay Private Residences 3 stars   PenangAirport vicinityINFO - BOOK

GoodHope Hotel Kelawei Penang 1 Star   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Hotel Mingood 2 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 100.00BOOK

HZ Vacation Home N/A   PenangFerringhiINFO - BOOK

Palm Mansion Boutique Suites 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

The Boutique Residence Hotel 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

The Krystal Suites N/A   PenangBukit JambulINFO - BOOK

Kimberley Hotel Georgetown 3 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFO - BOOK

Olive Tree Hotel 4 stars   PenangAir ItamINFOMYR 255.00BOOK

M Summit 191 Executive Suites 4 stars   PenangGeorgetownINFOMYR 348.00BOOK