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Hotel NameCityLocationInfoRoom Rate FromSelect Room Type
The Pines Melaka 4 stars   Best Deal!MalaccaCityINFOMYR 216.00BOOK

Hatten Hotel Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 293.00BOOK

Ramada Plaza Melaka 5 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 294.00BOOK

The Shore Hotel & Residences Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 276.00BOOK

1825 Gallery Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 181.00BOOK

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 5 stars   MalaccaMahkota ParadeINFOMYR 231.00BOOK

The Settlement Hotel 5 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 168.00BOOK

Temasek Hotel Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 200.00BOOK

Philea Resort & Spa 5 stars   MalaccaAir KerohINFOMYR 628.00BOOK

Gingerflower Boutique Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaJonker StreetINFOMYR 276.00BOOK

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort 4 stars   MalaccaAir KerohINFOMYR 280.00BOOK

Fenix Inn 2 stars   MalaccaMahkota ParadeINFOMYR 138.00BOOK

Estadia Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 168.00BOOK

The Majestic Malacca 5 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 700.00BOOK

Da Som Inn 3 stars   MalaccaJonker StreetINFOMYR 418.00BOOK

The Orchard Wellness & Health Resort 5 stars   MalaccaKampung BrisuINFOMYR 420.00BOOK

Hotel Sentral Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaJonker StreetINFOMYR 144.00BOOK

Arenaa De Luxe Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 148.00BOOK

Imperial Heritage Hotel Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 240.00BOOK

Heeren Palm Suites 4 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 310.00BOOK

Swan Garden Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 168.00BOOK

The Emperor Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 122.00BOOK

ibis Melaka (Opening Janvier 2017) 3 stars   MalaccaINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Novotel Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Bayview Hotel, Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 199.00BOOK

Mahkota Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaMahkota ParadeINFOMYR 219.00BOOK

Hotel Sentral Riverview 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 116.00BOOK

Eco Tree Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaPulau MelakaINFOMYR 166.00BOOK

The Explorer Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 205.00BOOK

Terra Nova Hotel 2 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 120.00BOOK

Hotel Puri Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 188.00BOOK

Mudzaffar Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaMITCINFOMYR 265.00BOOK

The Jetty Suites Apartment 3 stars   MalaccaPulau MelakaINFOMYR 287.00BOOK

Quayside Hotel Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 245.00BOOK

The Straits Hotel & Suites 4 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 192.00BOOK

Swiss Garden Hotel Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaPulau MelakaINFOMYR 391.00BOOK

Kings Green Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaPulau MelakaINFO - BOOK

Styles Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 199.00BOOK

Hatten Place Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 250.00BOOK

Avillion Legacy Melaka Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 118.00BOOK

Hatten Hotel Melaka (Package) 4 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 258.00BOOK

Midcity Hotel Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFO - BOOK

Moty Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 160.00BOOK

Jonker Boutique Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaPulau MelakaINFOMYR 340.00BOOK

Hallmark Hotel Leisure 2 stars   MalaccaCityINFO - BOOK

Hallmark Crown Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaCityINFO - BOOK

Hallmark Inn Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFO - BOOK

A'Famosa Resort Hotel 4 stars   MalaccaAlor GajahINFO - BOOK

Hallmark View Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 138.00BOOK

Seri Costa Hotel Resort 3 stars   MalaccaMahkota ParadeINFO - BOOK

Prima Hotel Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFOMYR 120.00BOOK

Orkid Hotel Melaka 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFO - BOOK

JW Boutique Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 132.00BOOK

Novotel Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaMahkota ParadeINFOMYR 318.00BOOK

Link Boutique Hotel 3 stars   MalaccaCityINFO - BOOK

Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort 3 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 162.00BOOK

DoubleTree by Hilton Melaka 5 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 276.00BOOK

Ibis Melaka 4 stars   MalaccaMalaccaINFOMYR 180.00BOOK