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Hotel NameCityLocationInfoRoom Rate FromSelect Room Type
Dash Resort Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 750.00BOOK

Adya Hotel Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiDarul AmanINFOMYR 291.00BOOK

Resorts World Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiPantai Kok BeachINFOMYR 198.00BOOK

Bayview Hotel, Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiPusat Bandar KuahINFOMYR 220.00BOOK

Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa 4 stars   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 584.00BOOK

Bella Vista Waterfront Resort & Spa (Formely known as Bella Vista Resort & Spa Langkawi) 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 204.00BOOK

Bahagia Hotel 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 120.00BOOK

Century Langkawi Beach Resort (Formerly known as Century Four Points Resort) 5 stars   LangkawiPantai Kok BeachINFOMYR 276.00BOOK

Dayang Bay Serviced Apartment & Resort Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiDarul AmanINFOMYR 316.00BOOK

Federal Villa Beach Resort 3 stars   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 275.00BOOK

The Danna Langkawi 5 stars   LangkawiPantai Kok BeachINFOMYR 1,560.00BOOK

Berjaya Langkawi Resort 5 stars   LangkawiBurau BayINFOMYR 578.00BOOK

De Baron Resort 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 144.00BOOK

Hotel Langkasuka 2 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 180.00BOOK

Kuala Melaka Inn Langkawi N/A   LangkawiPadang MatsiratINFOMYR 120.00BOOK

Eagle Bay Hotel 3 stars   LangkawiDarul AmanINFOMYR 125.00BOOK

Season Inn Langkawi 1 Star   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 165.00BOOK

Ombak Villa Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiPadang MatsiratINFOMYR 760.00BOOK

Citin Langkawi by Compass Hospitality (Formerly known as Citin Hotel Langkawi) 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 100.00BOOK

Langkawi 1 Baron Motel 2 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 60.00BOOK

Bahagia Villa N/A   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 312.00BOOK

Lavigo Resort 1 Star   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFOMYR 120.00BOOK

Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi 5 stars   Best Deal!LangkawiTanjung Rhu BeachINFOMYR 2,268.00BOOK

The St Regis Langkawi 5 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 1,548.00BOOK

Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 444.00BOOK

The Villa Langkawi 3 stars   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 188.00BOOK

Hotel Grand Continental Langkawi 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 190.00BOOK

The Andaman, A Luxury Collection Resort 5 stars   LangkawiDatai BayINFOMYR 948.00BOOK

Tanjung Rhu Resort 5 stars   LangkawiTanjung Rhu BeachINFOMYR 750.00BOOK

Bella Vista Express 3 stars   LangkawiPadang MatsiratINFOMYR 156.00BOOK

Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi 3 stars   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFOMYR 292.00BOOK

Langkawi Baron Hotel 2 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 90.00BOOK

Geopark Inn Langkawi 3 stars   LangkawiDarul AmanINFOMYR 80.00BOOK

Desa Terrace Langkawi 1 Star   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 80.00BOOK

La Villa Langkawi 4 stars   LangkawiPantai Tengah beachINFOMYR 1,430.00BOOK

favehotel Cenang Beach Resort Langkawi 3 stars   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFOMYR 180.00BOOK

VIVANTA BY TAJ-Rebak Island, Langkawi (Formerly known as Rebak Island Resort Langkawi - A 5 stars   LangkawiPulau RebakINFOMYR 660.00BOOK

The Datai Langkawi 5 stars   Best Deal!LangkawiDatai BayINFOMYR 4,950.00BOOK

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi 5 stars   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFOMYR 906.00BOOK

The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa 5 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 884.00BOOK

Century Langkasuka Resort (Formerly known as Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort) 4 stars   LangkawiPadang MatsiratINFOMYR 252.00BOOK

Seaview Apartment Langkawi 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFO - BOOK

Langkawi Seaview Hotel 3 stars   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 290.00BOOK

Baron Waterfront Hotel 1 Star   LangkawiKuahINFOMYR 70.00BOOK

Royal Agate Beach Resort 3 stars   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFOMYR 160.00BOOK

Langgura Baron Resort 2 stars   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFOMYR 190.00BOOK

Malibest Resort 2 stars   LangkawiPantai Cenang beachINFO - BOOK

Langkawi Lagoon Resort 4 stars   LangkawiPadang MatsiratINFO - BOOK

The Ocean Residence Langkawi 2 stars   LangkawiKuahINFO - BOOK

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