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Hotel NameCityLocationInfoRoom Rate FromSelect Room Type
Harbour Grand Kowloon 5 stars   Best Deal!Hong KongHung HomINFOHKD 1,694.00BOOK

The Salisbury -YMCA of Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,540.00BOOK

Regal Airport Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongLantau IslandINFOHKD 1,502.00BOOK

Cordis, Hong Kong 5 stars   Hong KongMongkokINFOHKD 2,666.00BOOK

Panda Hotel, Hongkong 4 stars   Hong KongTsuen WanINFOHKD 1,109.00BOOK

Park Hotel Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,359.00BOOK

Regal Oriental Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongKowloon CityINFOHKD 966.00BOOK

Ibis North Point Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongNorth PointINFOHKD 702.00BOOK

Regal Hongkong Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongCauseway BayINFOHKD 2,332.00BOOK

Regal Kowloon Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 2,156.00BOOK

Regal Riverside Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongShatinINFOHKD 1,403.00BOOK

Silka Seaview Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongYaumateiINFOHKD 1,280.00BOOK

Silka West Kowloon Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongTai Kok TsuiINFOHKD 1,238.00BOOK

Bishop Lei International House 3 stars   Hong KongMid-LevelsINFOHKD 842.00BOOK

The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongCauseway BayINFOHKD 1,679.00BOOK

Harbour Plaza North Point 4 stars   Hong KongNorth PointINFOHKD 1,543.00BOOK

Nathan Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongJordanINFOHKD 2,269.00BOOK

The Kowloon Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,681.00BOOK

Eaton, Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongJordanINFOHKD 1,733.00BOOK

GDH Hotel (Formerly Guangdong Hotel) 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,995.00BOOK

The Wharney Guang Dong Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongWanchaiINFOHKD 1,584.00BOOK

Harbour Plaza Resort City 4 stars   Hong KongTin Shui WaiINFOHKD 1,100.00BOOK

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongNew TerritoriesINFOHKD 990.00BOOK

The Excelsior Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongCauseway BayINFOHKD 1,958.00BOOK

ibis Hong Kong Central And Sheung Wan 3 stars   Hong KongINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Novotel Century Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Novotel Citygate Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongINFO - Check Rates & Availability

The Park Lane Hong Kong a Pullman Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Imperial Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,600.00BOOK

Best Western Plus Hotel Kowloon (Formerly Ramada Hotel Kowloon) 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,893.00BOOK

Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongHong Kong Convention & Exhibition CentreINFOHKD 1,450.00BOOK

Evergreen Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongJordanINFOHKD 720.00BOOK

Island Shangri-la Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongCentralINFO - BOOK

Stanford Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongMongkokINFOHKD 1,337.00BOOK

Stanford Hillview Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 1,436.00BOOK

Royal Plaza Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongMongkokINFOHKD 2,011.00BOOK

Shamrock Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongJordanINFOHKD 1,430.00BOOK

Royal Garden Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 3,700.00BOOK

The Cityview 4 stars   Hong KongMongkokINFOHKD 1,941.00BOOK

Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong (Formerly Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong) 4 stars   Hong KongCauseway BayINFOHKD 1,898.00BOOK

Metropark Hotel Mongkok 4 stars   Hong KongMongkokINFOHKD 1,540.00BOOK

South Pacific Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongWanchaiINFOHKD 1,353.00BOOK

Garden View Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongMid-LevelsINFOHKD 1,525.00BOOK

Charterhouse Causeway Bay 4 stars   Hong KongCauseway BayINFOHKD 1,119.00BOOK

Metropark Hotel Kowloon 4 stars   Hong KongMongkokINFOHKD 1,268.00BOOK

New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel 5 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 2,255.00BOOK

Empire Hotel Hong Kong Wan Chai 4 stars   Hong KongWanchaiINFOHKD 2,178.00BOOK

Empire Hotel Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 2,178.00BOOK

City Garden Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongNorth PointINFOHKD 1,760.00BOOK

Prudential Hotel 4 stars   Hong KongJordanINFOHKD 1,650.00BOOK

Kowloon Shangri-La 5 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 2,860.00BOOK

L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View Hong Kong 4 stars   Hong KongCauseway BayINFOHKD 4,950.00BOOK

Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers 4 stars   Hong KongTsimshatsuiINFOHKD 2,566.00BOOK

Largos Hotel 3 stars   Hong KongYaumateiINFO - BOOK

Silvermine Beach Resort 3 stars   Hong KongLantau IslandINFO - BOOK

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