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Hotel NameCityLocationInfoRoom Rate FromSelect Room Type
Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern 3 stars   Best Deal!OrtigasGreenhills, San JuanINFOUSD 53.00BOOK

Diamond Hotel Philippines 5 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 102.00BOOK

New World Makati Hotel, Manila 5 stars   Makatinear/within Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road)INFOUSD 122.00BOOK

Great Eastern Hotel Quezon City 3 stars   Quezon CityQuezon CityINFOUSD 28.00BOOK

Dusit Thani Manila 5 stars   MakatiMakatiINFOUSD 101.00BOOK

Manila Hotel 5 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 128.00BOOK

Astoria Plaza 4 stars   OrtigasOrtigasINFOUSD 75.00BOOK

Berjaya Makati Hotel 4 stars   MakatiMakati Avenue (within/near)INFOUSD 54.00BOOK

Citadel Inn Makati 3 stars   MakatiP. Burgos St.INFOUSD 33.00BOOK

Hotel Rembrandt 3 stars   Quezon CityTimog AvenueINFOUSD 38.00BOOK

Richmonde Hotel 4 stars   OrtigasOrtigasINFOUSD 62.00BOOK

Sir Williams Hotel 2 stars   Quezon CityTimog AvenueINFOUSD 29.00BOOK

Taft Tower Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 44.00BOOK

Copacabana Apartment-Hotel 3 stars   ManilaPasay CityINFOUSD 55.00BOOK

Robbinsdale Hotel 3 stars   Quezon CityQuezon CityINFOUSD 35.00BOOK

Torre Venezia 3 stars   Quezon CityTimog AvenueINFOUSD 87.00BOOK

Atrium Hotel 3 stars   ManilaPasay CityINFOUSD 67.00BOOK

The Malayan Plaza 3 stars   OrtigasOrtigasINFOUSD 54.00BOOK

Discovery Suites Manila Philippines 4 stars   OrtigasOrtigas CenterINFOUSD 130.00BOOK

Eurotel Pedro Gil 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Great Eastern Hotel Makati 3 stars   MakatiMakatiINFOUSD 30.00BOOK

The Contemporary Hotel 3 stars   Quezon CityQuezon CityINFOUSD 37.00BOOK

Herald Suites Solana 3 stars   MakatiMakatiINFOUSD 61.00BOOK

Sulo Riviera Hotel 3 stars   Quezon CityQuezon CityINFOUSD 94.00BOOK

Nichols Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Royal Bellagio 3 stars   MakatiP. Burgos St.INFOUSD 49.00BOOK

Aloha Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 54.00BOOK

Artina Suites Hotel 3 stars   MakatiMakati Avenue (within/near)INFOUSD 34.00BOOK

Heritage Hotel Manila 4 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 102.00BOOK

Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle (formerly CSB Hotel - International Conference Center) 4 stars   ManilaMalate / ErmitaINFOUSD 74.00BOOK

Best Western Oxford Suites Makati 3 stars   MakatiP. Burgos St.INFOUSD 50.00BOOK

Pan Pacific Manila 5 stars   ManilaMalate / ErmitaINFOUSD 140.00BOOK

Herald Suites 3 stars   MakatiChino Roces (within/near)INFOUSD 141.00BOOK

Manila Grand Opera Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 44.00BOOK

LPL Suites Greenbelt 2 stars   MakatiLegaspi Village (within/near)INFOUSD 60.00BOOK

Palm Grove Hotel (Formerly Palm Plaza Hotel) 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 66.00BOOK

Executive Hotel Manila (Formerly Executive Plaza Hotel) 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 79.00BOOK

Octagon Mansion Hotel (Formerly Hostel 1632) 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 54.00BOOK

Imperial Palace Suites 3 stars   Quezon CityTimog AvenueINFOUSD 85.00BOOK

AIM Conference Center Manila 3 stars   MakatiLegaspi Village (within/near)INFOUSD 46.00BOOK

Lourdes Suites 3 stars   MakatiMakati Avenue (within/near)INFOUSD 39.00BOOK

El Cielito Hotel Makati 3 stars   Makatinear/within Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road)INFOUSD 67.00BOOK

Makati Palace Hotel 3 stars   MakatiP. Burgos St.INFOUSD 57.00BOOK

Prince Plaza II 3 stars   MakatiLegaspi Village (within/near)INFOUSD 72.00BOOK

Casa Nicarosa 2 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 25.00BOOK

Corporate Inn Hotel Manila 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 54.00BOOK

Jupiter Suites 2 stars   MakatiMakati Avenue (within/near)INFOUSD 48.00BOOK

Las Palmas Hotel de Manila (Formerly Las Palmas Hotel) 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 67.00BOOK

Fernandina 88 Suites Hotel 3 stars   Quezon CityCubaoINFOUSD 34.00BOOK

New Solanie Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 38.00BOOK

Hotel Celeste N/A   Makatinear/within Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road)INFOUSD 115.00BOOK

Rosas Garden Hotel Boutique   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 36.00BOOK

Joy Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila - Managed by AccorHotels 5 stars   ManilaManilaINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila 5 stars   ManilaINFO - Check Rates & Availability

Bayview Park Hotel 3 stars   Best Deal!ManilaManilaINFOUSD 45.00BOOK

The Peninsula Manila 5 stars   Best Deal!MakatiAyala Center (within/near)INFOUSD 124.00BOOK

Casa Bocobo 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 37.00BOOK

Luxent Hotel 4 stars   Quezon CityTimog AvenueINFOUSD 93.00BOOK

Fraser Place Manila 5 stars   MakatiSalcedo Village (within/near)INFOUSD 153.00BOOK

AG New World Manila Bay Hotel (Formerly Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino) 5 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 127.00BOOK

Pearl Manila 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 53.00BOOK

Tiara Oriental Hotel 3 stars   MakatiMakatiINFO - BOOK

Lemon Tree Inn N/A   Quezon CityQuezon CityINFOUSD 92.00BOOK

Garden Plaza Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 35.00BOOK

Mabuhay Manor 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 58.00BOOK

Networld Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 56.00BOOK

Orchid Garden Suites 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 56.00BOOK

Joya Lofts & Towers – Extended Leasing Services N/A   MakatiRockwellINFO - BOOK

Pinoy Pamilya Hotel 3 stars   ManilaPasay CityINFOUSD 28.00BOOK

The A. Venue Hotel 4 stars   MakatiMakatiINFOUSD 59.00BOOK

Linden Suites 4 stars   OrtigasOrtigas CenterINFOUSD 118.00BOOK

Manila Pavilion Hotel 4 stars   ManilaMalate / ErmitaINFOUSD 100.00BOOK

BSA Tower 3 stars   MakatiLegaspi Village (within/near)INFOUSD 80.00BOOK

Hotel Jen Manila (Formerly Traders Hotel Manila) 4 stars   ManilaPasay CityINFOUSD 106.00BOOK

Crown Regency Hotel Makati 3 stars   Makatinear/within Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road)INFOUSD 63.00BOOK

Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 58.00BOOK

City Garden Hotel Makati 3 stars   MakatiMakati Avenue (within/near)INFOUSD 1,914.00BOOK

Riviera Mansion Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 48.00BOOK

BSA Suites 2 stars   MakatiMakatiINFOUSD 67.00BOOK

Hotel Kimberly Manila 3 stars   ManilaMalate / ErmitaINFOUSD 73.00BOOK

Miramar Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 45.00BOOK

City Garden Suites Manila 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 46.00BOOK

Asian Mansion II 3 stars   MakatiLegaspi Village (within/near)INFOUSD 72.00BOOK

BSA Mansion 3 stars   MakatiLegaspi Village (within/near)INFOUSD 72.00BOOK

Sofitel Philippine Plaza 5 stars   ManilaPasay CityINFOUSD 147.00BOOK

Lotus Garden Hotel 3 stars   ManilaManilaINFOUSD 39.00BOOK

Copa Businessman's Hotel 3 stars   MakatiMakatiINFO - BOOK